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On Apologizing

I made a decision based on incomplete information, and it turned out to be the wrong decision. In carrying out the decision, I caused another human being significant distress, and in the end, my intentions and justifications for my actions don’t matter.


On Creativity

“Whether you’re a writer, a sculptor, a designer, or a banjo-player, showing up, staying open-minded, asking for help, and not being obsessed with the tools at your disposal will ultimately make you a better creator.”
— Jory MacKay, “Demystifying the Muse”

I’ve been thinking a lot about those four “elements” of becoming a better creator in the context of musicianship. Whether it’s practicing, working with a chamber group, teaching/taking a lesson, or performing, the qualities MacKay lays out are essential to the musical process.

Kate Does the New Year, Part 1: How I Feel About Resolutions

I tend to be a non-believer in the idea of setting resolutions at the beginning of every year, because really, if you care about something enough, you shouldn’t be waiting until the beginning of the year to actually take action on it. Yet there have been a couple of things that have changed recently in how I think about both the annual pageantry of setting resolutions, and about goals in general.

Book Review: I Love Dick, by Chris Kraus

I Love Dick is a maddening memoir-epistolary novel-performance art hybrid that defies definition and doesn’t shy away from anything. Its publication in 1997 resulted in blazing controversies in the intellectual community, for good reason.

NObook: Why I Quit Facebook

I’m pleased with my to deactivate my Facebook account, but the most common reaction I get from other friends when they discover I’m gone from Facebook is surprise (and sometimes consternation). How could I possibly delete my profile and be okay with it!? In order to address this question, and avoid sounding like a broken record, I thought I would clear up the reasons why I quit Facebook cold turkey.

Tartarus, and Other Myths

On the floor in the back corner of the closet/pantry where my mini-fridge lives, there is a hole. It is about 4″x9″, and it is terrifying.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Quit Facebook

A couple of months before I joined this blog (hi Kate!!), I deactivated my Facebook page. I had been vacillating about doing this for approximately a year, but something or another always brought me back to the pro-Facebook side of the fence. Finally, I decided enough was enough, and I hit the “Deactivate” button. Now that I’ve taken the plunge (or surfaced for air, whichever you prefer), I’ve had some time to reflect on the decision. Here are some thoughts…