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On Creativity

“Whether you’re a writer, a sculptor, a designer, or a banjo-player, showing up, staying open-minded, asking for help, and not being obsessed with the tools at your disposal will ultimately make you a better creator.”
— Jory MacKay, “Demystifying the Muse”

I’ve been thinking a lot about those four “elements” of becoming a better creator in the context of musicianship. Whether it’s practicing, working with a chamber group, teaching/taking a lesson, or performing, the qualities MacKay lays out are essential to the musical process.


Why Teach Music?

I can’t change a student’s race or economic background or their opportunities later in life by myself. But what I CAN change on a day-to-day basis is whether these students get the encouragement and affirmation they need, from a young age, through music.