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NObook: Why I Quit Facebook

I’m pleased with my to deactivate my Facebook account, but the most common reaction I get from other friends when they discover I’m gone from Facebook is surprise (and sometimes consternation). How could I possibly delete my profile and be okay with it!? In order to address this question, and avoid sounding like a broken record, I thought I would clear up the reasons why I quit Facebook cold turkey.


Oh the Places You Go: Building a (Travel) Gallery Wall

And I took my old shelves and pictures off the wall, leaving me with an entirely bare canvas. The whole idea could have been a complete disaster, but I think I made it work! Here’s my advice on building a gallery wall yourself.

The Reality of Finding a Purpose

Was it taking my car in for service that made me feel weird? Or is the fact that I even have a car to call my own making me feel out of place? Was it my protracted confusion at the Harris Teeter over why the “cheaper” celery was a whopping $1.79?