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Seeing Britishness: British Fonts and Typefaces

This is something I noticed a few years ago but has been niggling the back of my mind since I returned in October. How do I describe it? I noticed that no matter where I am in the country, at NHS clinics, at train stations, on roads, at airports, on transport, at the post office, all the information on the signs looks really similar. I don’t mean what’s written, but the font itself.


The Saga of Our English Boiler

A couple weeks ago I jokingly wrote that the whole reason shower boilers exist here is because English boilers and pumps and water tanks break so often that letting agents have a liiiiittle more leeway in fixing all that stuff if you at least have hot water in your shower.

Again, when I wrote that I was joking. But now? Not joking any more.

The Disappearing Christmas Markets

Sometime in late November I noticed a change in the air here in Manchester. Or, not so much in the air, but right in the middle of the pedestrian areas in the city centre.

So I Made This Shitty Video…

In my mind, the best vlogs are really just well-edited videos about really boring stuff, and you just can’t take yourself too seriously if you want to make them enjoyable. Did I accomplish that? Well…

Life in the Darkness

If you haven’t been living under a rock for your entire life, you’ve probably heard of the stereotype that it rains a lot in England. While I can confirm to you culturally astute people that this is definitely true, I’m not just talking about the amount of sunny days, although there definitely is a lack of those. I’m talking about the lack of hours in which the sun is actually above the horizon.