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Dostoevsky on Originality

For months I have avoided picking up The Idiot again, despite being only about 150 pages from the end, because every time I did I was just not able to get through the wall of text that is the beginning of Part Four. When I read, sometimes I like not concentrating too much, and Dostoevsky […]

Flute and Painting: Finding Inspiration for Music in Visual Art

Trying to replicate Turner made me realize how difficult it really is to paint, and how much thought needs to go into planning and finishing any piece of art. Eventually I would get frustrated and be done for the day, but not before realizing that I actually DO have the ability to do all that contrast and shading… but on my flute instead of with paints. No difference between dark and light a boring painting makes; no difference between loud and soft a boring performance makes, right?