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Immer Mittwoch means “Always Wednesay” in German, which is a language I’ve always admired for its ability to mash unrelated words together to mean something so specific it’s untranslatable.

As a recently-graduated person still finding her way, I always thought “Always Wednesday” was a particularly apt description of my life. Wednesday is in the middle of the week, and I always feel like I’m in the “Wednesday of my life,” so to speak. I’m perpetually in the middle of something, whether it’s a new job, adjusting to a new living situation, chasing a new dream, or chasing an old dream down a new path.

Are your 20s ever supposed to feel different? We’re not sure, but we’re going to write about it anyway.

No, not THIS Wednesday, although I’m sure Talar and I can agree that whoever made this meme was spot on.


This blog is simultaneously about everything and nothing. We both have found the idea of themed blogs to be restricting in the past so we’re sticking to the “no theme” theme for the time being.


I’ve played around with several versions of Immer Mittwoch on various other blogging platforms beginning in 2010 as a way to keep my family and friends abreast of my life and general musings. Eventually I tried to turn the original version on Tumblr into a themed blog, only writing about music or my travels in other places. This didn’t work for two reasons: one, Tumblr is not really about creating original written content, which to me really defeats the purpose of a blog. Two, I felt stifled by trying to keep a theme; I don’t have that much to say on any one topic but rather a lot to say about a lot of different things.

I wound up abandoning blogging altogether until I moved home in September, 2014. That’s when I realized I, like many other recently-graduated and unemployed youngsters, felt a little lost. I decided to start writing again about whatever was on my mind, without theme or objective, as a way to stay sane. I haven’t found too many good blogs written by uncertain 20-somethings yet, but I thought if I at least put my own experiences out there, maybe someone would be able to relate to them.

Not long after that, I realized that I’m pretty shit at updating regularly, and I have a best friend who is really good at writing, and who has a lot of different, thought-provoking perspectives to share. Why not invite her to join? Talar joined the blog in December. We haven’t looked back since.



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