About the Authors

Talar and Kate are the two regular contributors to Immer Mittwoch. They met in their undergrad at Northwestern University in 2008 where they were both studying music performance. They lived in the same dorm as acquaintances until the following year, when they suffered through a tedious music history class together. They struck up a deal to sign each other into class on alternate days of the week, an arrangement that turned into a long-lasting friendship. They’ve been inseparable ever since, and are now long-distance besties extraordinaire. (That’s the real French, by the way.)


DSC00175My name’s Kate.

I’m a flute player and teacher, and the resident expat here on Immer Mittwoch. How I wound up here is a little complicated, but I’ll give you the short version. I’m going on 4 years living in England now; I spent 3 years in London studying, and I’m now living in Manchester with my husband (who happens to be Russian). We don’t really know where we’ll wind up in the future, but for the next couple of years, we’ll be here.

Who am I really? I enjoy reading, drinking wine, petting cats, wearing huge snuggly sweaters, etc… basically I’m a grandma. But maybe an Asian grandma because I speak Korean and can find my way around a pot of kimchi jiggae and some soju. Then again, I also really enjoy playing video games with the hubs, especially Minecraft, so maybe I’m also a 12-year-old boy. Who knows.

For more info on my professional career, go to www.katebatemanflute.com


IMG_0011My name’s Talar.

I’m a pianist, writer, educator, and striving global citizen based in Chicago. A recent graduate of Northwestern University with Bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Piano Performance, I’m somehow managing to hack it as a freelancer here in the Second City.

I love music, books, visual art, tea, cooking, hiking, yoga, and road trips. Here you’ll find posts pertaining to all of the above, plus the occasional foray into whatever else happens to be on my mind.

For more information on my professional endeavors, check out my website at talarkhosdeghian.yolasite.com!


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