Monthly Archives: January 2016

Impressions of Madrid

I went with memories of my stay in Portugal a few years ago fresh in my head: winding streets, cheap wine, beautiful scenery, absolutely roasting temperatures, and no idea how to pronounce anything. (Maybe this should really be its own separate blog post?) I can say this for Madrid at least: I found it to be less beautiful than Porto and Lisbon, but the people and the food completely won me over.


How to Teach Yourself a Foreign Language

This is no means an exhaustive list of stuff you can try, or even the best or most-proven by research. But I’ve seen and tried a lot of stuff, both in language classrooms and on my own, and these are the things that I always wind up recommending because they worked for me. So, if you’re interested, have a read.

The Saga of Our English Boiler

A couple weeks ago I jokingly wrote that the whole reason shower boilers exist here is because English boilers and pumps and water tanks break so often that letting agents have a liiiiittle more leeway in fixing all that stuff if you at least have hot water in your shower.

Again, when I wrote that I was joking. But now? Not joking any more.

Why I Learned Korean

When I tell people I taught myself Korean, I normally get asked two questions: why, and how.