Welcoming Talar

I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and a lot of reading on the Jon Krakauer- Chris McCandless bent, and I’ve realized something important: life is just a whole lot better when you live it with more than one perspective. I wrote a little about learning things in my last post (From Russia, With Love), but the more I’ve had time to really relax in the past few days, the more I realized just how valuable being able to view the world from other angles is.

To that end, I had the bright idea to introduce some new perspective to Immer Mittwoch, with the hope that someone else who has taught me a whole lot can pass on some of that knowledge to you as well. (I’m also just really bad at updating regularly, so I am selfishly delegating some of that responsibility on another person.) And so, without further ado, I have the honor of introducing you to my best friend, Talar.

She’s really modest, so I’ll just write a little blurb here about who she is and what she does before she has the chance to edit it.

Long story short, Talar and I originally bonded because we both decided we hated a particular music history class when we were sophomores at Northwestern. We devised an unoriginal system of signing each other in on the class roster so that we each only had to attend once a week. Both of us will admit this wasn’t our most honorable moment, but the class was super boring. We did both pass with flying colors though, and became friends in the process. I decided to visit her at her home in the NJ-NYC area that spring, and we’ve been best friends ever since.


Talar is an absolutely brilliant pianist who plays with more style and passion that almost any other pianist I’ve ever known. She also is an amazing writer with an incredible ability to bend the English language to her will. She might not mention this for a while, but Armenian was actually her first language. She’s an American citizen, but also part of a diaspora with a deep history, and from this stem some really important lessons she’s taught me on what it means to be a first-generation American, on life, on world history, on a lot of things. She’s also just really fucking smart; she graduated from NU with two degrees, one in English literature, and the other in piano performance.

(Talar, is this enough pressure for you?)

Anyways, I could gush for ages about how cool she is, but you’ll eventually get to know her through her posts. I’ll let her finish her own introduction.

In the meantime I’ve updated our “About” pages in the menu with our little biographies and the story behind the blog, so you can check that out until she starts posting some stuff.

Tal, the mic’s yours!


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