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Tartarus, and Other Myths

On the floor in the back corner of the closet/pantry where my mini-fridge lives, there is a hole. It is about 4″x9″, and it is terrifying.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Quit Facebook

A couple of months before I joined this blog (hi Kate!!), I deactivated my Facebook page. I had been vacillating about doing this for approximately a year, but something or another always brought me back to the pro-Facebook side of the fence. Finally, I decided enough was enough, and I hit the “Deactivate” button. Now that I’ve taken the plunge (or surfaced for air, whichever you prefer), I’ve had some time to reflect on the decision. Here are some thoughts…

Welcoming Talar

I had the bright idea to introduce some new perspective to Immer Mittwoch, with the hope that someone else who has taught me a whole lot can pass on some of that knowledge to you as well. And so, without further ado, I have the honor of introducing you to my best friend, Talar.

From Russia, With Love

Most people who don’t know me or my boyfriend well tend to treat our relationship as a modern Romeo and Juliet. We are star-crossed lovers from antagonistic countries locked in a power struggle, our families enemies of each other, forsaking our national loyalties to be together. I can tell you that it’s really not that dramatic; we get along very well. But there have been a few different perspectives that he’s exposed this relatively proud American to.

Why Teach Music?

I can’t change a student’s race or economic background or their opportunities later in life by myself. But what I CAN change on a day-to-day basis is whether these students get the encouragement and affirmation they need, from a young age, through music.